Fair Saturday: the perfect cultural and artistic movement to detoxify Black Friday

Jordi Albareda had a dream, and it is one of those people who pursue it at any cost. Wanted to get a world more sensitive to people's needs, but through culture and art. That's why in 2015 I believe the Fair saturday from Bilbao, a unique movement in the world that occurs on the last Saturday of November, after Black Friday. In it, thousands of artists and cultural entities from hundreds of cities around the world create different events that support social causes, but with the same goal: to achieve thanks to art and culture, a better place for everyone.

Improve the world through art and culture

Jordi Albareda, founder of Fair Saturday, knows that culture is a perfect way to strengthen ties and that without it we would not be human. "Culture is not important, it is essential in our lives. It is what makes us a society, what develops us, what makes us more human, what makes us have much more empathy with the needs of others, ”he explained in one of his talks.

The Fair Saturday was created to get a day to improve the world through art and culture. Bilbao, Lima, Milan, Dundee, Bristol, Malaga, Huelva, Santander, Pisa and Mesagne are the cities that are official venues of the event, but many others join them in a social movement full of music, literature, painting, street art, cinema or performances both from professional artists and from amateurs. Other cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Amsterdam, New York and much more will have activities included in this social and cultural movement.

Fair Saturday, global cultural mobilization with social impact

According to the Fair Saturday Foundation, we live in times of uncertainty, dominated by the short term and the desire to "have" against "being." Days like Black Friday reinforce this position, that's why this date was chosen to celebrate Fair Saturday. Saturday after Black Friday is the perfect time to reflect on culture and empathy which, as the foundation clarifies, are two terms "necessary for the construction of fairer and more developed societies". That is why this festival was created, which encourages empathy with the most disadvantaged through culture.

November 28, 2015 was the first official year that the Fair Saturday was held in 40 locations raising more than € 70,000 for 103 different social projects. Last year, the figure was already € 190,972 raised in a total of 114 cities that hosted 582 events. And this year, records will also be broken: 1,000 cities with 5,000 events to help 500 different social causes around the world.

The list of activities is so wide that there will surely be one that you want. Exhibitions, dance or makeup classes, film sessions, concerts or plays that They will raise funds for different NGOs or social projects chosen by the artists participants.

Other projects of the Fair Saturday Foundation

The Bilbao Foundation not only works on Saturday after Black Friday. He has numerous projects as his literary contest against bullying "Tales Against Bullying" held in Bilbao, Malaga and Santander, or "Invisible Barriers", a program of cultural patronage for the social integration of children at risk of exclusion.

They also have a small marketplace in which you can buy sheets, a tote bag or books, whose benefits go to finance social projects own of the foundation, and an annual forum "Culture for a Fair World", which is born as a open training proposal to generate a community that brings culture closer to citizens.

This cultural movement is the perfect reason to detoxify Black Friday. A day when consumption moves the world followed by a day when culture builds a better world.

Photo | Unsplash