Carmen Navarro launches a capsule collection with Marionnaud for complete face care

The expert firm Carmen Navarro continues to do grow your family of products and the scope of them. This time with an exclusive line for the Marionnaud perfumery, which will feature these five capsule products for the care, hygiene and luminosity of the face. So we can all acquire cosmetics of the brand even if we do not have an establishment in our city, with very improved formulas.

The first step of this routine that Carmen Navarro proposes is the facial scrub (40 euros) and the tonic (66 euros). The first is a cleansing milk with very soft biodegradable granules, which removes traces of makeup, contamination and other impurities, letting the skin breathe. The second step also has an exfoliating effect, to avoid the accumulation of toxins. This one is made with onion and myrrh, with a very curious and intoxicating aroma.

The next step is this light textured serum (80 euros), which contains three different types of peptides to enhance cell regeneration and decrease the signs of aging. But it is also his packaging It's gorgeous, with that pink touch so feminine. We have our face ready, it is the turn of creams!

The cosmetic firm has improved its formula by hitting vitamin C, which helps to oxygenate, hydrate and improve the uniform tone of the skin. A cream (79 euros) used for all skin types thanks to proline, an ingredient with a lot of restorative power. We finish the treatment with the eye contour (66 euros) anti-aging and decongestant, which deflates dark circles and minimizes wrinkles by activating microcirculation. A set of five luxury products that guarantee a happy face.