We can already see the trailer of 'After', the romantic saga that takes over from 'Twilight' and '50 Shades of Gray '

Ready to feel older? Twilight is no longer the benchmark of romantic teenage literature. For a few years, the saga of books that is falling in love with millions of readers around the world is called despues de (published in Spain and Latin America by Planet) and He has no vampires or werewolves.

Something that does share with another similar phenomenon, such as Fifty Shadow of Gray, is that both they were born on the internet as a fanfiction. Although in the case of the novels of E. L. James it was a wet fantasy based on the Twilight from Stephenie Meyer, despues de it owes its origin to the group one direction and to the taste of its young author for the boy bands.

Anna Todd (Ohio, 1989) began publishing it as if it were a delivery novel if it were in the free reading platform Wattpad. There he gathered so many readers that the page collapsed, leading to his jump to paper.

Count the Tessa's romantic and dramatic story, a student model Freshman who has just left the world. But nevertheless, his whole life changes when he meets Hardin, the archetype of bad boy by excellence. A selfish and moody young man but with a sensitive background, freely inspired by Harry Styles. This meeting will lead her to experience things never before lived, such as the sex, and will turn your life into a ups and downs roller coaster.

The saga, which is divided into four parts and a prequel, is so successful that Paramount bought the rights to take her to the cinema. The films will star Josephine Langford, sister of the actress Katherine LangfordHannah in For thirteen reasons. Although, unfortunately for its author, in the male lead role we will not see Harry Styles but Hero Fiennes Tiffinnephew of Ralph Y Joseph Fiennes. Its premiere is not scheduled until April 12 of next year but we can keep an eye on his first trailer. Will it mark a before and after in our lives as in the protagonist?

Photo: Paramount