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Dua Lipa dares with everything and his latest look confirms this

Dua Lipa is not to follow the trends of the moment, but she creates her own and becomes the mentor (and source of inspiration) of many of her fans. There is not one style that defines it and in each of his exits he makes clear that he dares with everything. One of his last looks It comes from the hand of caramel color as the main base combined with neon shades. Who dares to emulate her?

Creating own style

Take the most original and striking trends of the moment and put them together in their own style without fear of the result, here is the last "stylistic feat" of the singer. With a pair of caramel-colored trousers to match her hair coat, the British combined the set with a sequin top in neon lime green, silver-colored shoes and fuchsia pink details and a red bag.

Although it may seem too much, Dua defends the style and makes it clear that there is no one like her.