Famous Fashion

The birthday party in which Naty Abascal and Ariadne Artiles left the other guests with no choice

Last night, the decorator Luis Garcia Fraile, son of the well-known journalist Jose Maria Garcia, celebrated his 40th birthday in style Royal Theater of Madrid. There came numerous familiar faces of the current landscape of our country, but two guests called attention above the rest. First, by far, Naty Abascal, which was crowned again as the best dressed of the party and further, but also quite impressive, Ariadne Artiles, intimate birthday girl friend. Not even Lady Kitty Spencer, who could have put on the most spectacular Dolce & Gabbana, lived up to it.

Naty Abascal

How lucky are we to have Naty Abascal in our events and parties. She left us breathless again with this sublime Valentino Aquamarine green. Naty arrived and razed, as he usually does. He combined it with the same clutch she used as a godmother, the tone of the dress also reminds us, and red accessories that only she knows how to wear.

Ariadne Artiles

A light years from Naty Abascal is Ariadne Artiles, but it must be recognized that it was also impressive with this broken white dress with sweetheart neckline and wonderful fraying throughout the design.

Lady Kitty Spencer

Neither the black sequins nor the precious jewels of Bvlgari they managed to make shine to Lady Kitty Spencer, who yesterday stayed a long way from what we expect of her.

Nieves Álvarez

Nieves Álvarez It was another one that left us with a bad taste in this black tight dress with tulle transparencies that brings absolutely nothing. Not even the attempt of the leopard socks manages to raise a more proper look of Vicky Martín Berrocal that of an incredible Nieves Álvarez.

Clara Courel

We love the combination of red with fuchsia pink, it is an absolute trend and it shows that Clara Courel He has plenty of style to wear it. However, yesterday we saw her a bit corseted in this complicated look.

Carla Goyanes

The look of Carla Goyanes It is difficult to describe, the mustard-colored cloth poncho ruins any triumph. Under this garment of Reina Maga, we find a print dress of Jorge Vazquez, also complicated to defend.

Teresa Baca

Teresa Baca yesterday he did not have his best day, he wore a blue dress with an olive green bow on Antonio García's chest. A look that does not convince at all, this time was not favored and the design did not contribute much.