Low cost Christmas comes to Essence with its limited edition collection

And once we have spent Black Friday and although there are still bargains of sales (and Cybermonday, of course), it is time to fully enter the Christmas world because yes, we have less than a month left. Therefore, we do not want to miss the opportunity to bring you some worthwhile collections such as Essence, the brand low cost, that brings us Ho, ho, ho - it's Christmas time! his new makeup collection looking very good and suitable for all budgets.

We begin the review of the collection with the eyeshadow palette That is gorgeous. It is a palette with nine shades with different textures and finishes where the metallic ones are mixed, with the gold ones with glitter, brown or other purple tones, very warm tones for a very glamorous Christmas and for a fantastic price of only € 8.99.

We continue with a illuminator, but not any one, but one in pink and very pigmented tone that contains soft particles that create iridescent effects to shine these holidays. Without a doubt, a product that can give us a lot of play for just 3,79 €.

And to apply the illuminator, nothing better than one conical brush that concentrates the product in the area that we want to enhance and, in addition, it is absolutely beautiful, do not tell me no, with that mango as festive as if they were candy. Its price is € 3.79.

And, although it may not seem like it, here I leave you a lip balm In the shape of a Christmas ornament, we can carry the same thing in the bag as we hang it on the tree. Its formula ensures soft lips during the holiday season and gives them a very subtle red glow. Its price, unbeatable, 1,89 €.

One of the products that catches my attention is this, it is a Body & Hair Shimmer Spray which gives us perfumed shine to both the body and the hair. A way to shine big. its Price is € 4.49.

All lovers of nai-art are in luck with the stickers of this collection Thus, you can boast Christmas manicures by only € 1.69.

I can't like him anymore packaging this bath bomb by way of Rudulf's nose. To use, simply put it in the warm water of the bath and give us a relaxing bath, with a soft fragrance. its Price is € 1.89.

And we finish the collection review with Stampy Set, a kit that contains all the tools you need to create individual nail designs. Yes, the most striking manicure lovers have it all with this collection. its Price is € 4.99.

Once again, Essence knows how to seduce us with a fun collection and also with great pieces.