Famous Fashion

Let's talk about the first and controversial official dress of Diana of Wales that Meghan Markle could wear today and triumph over everything

Lady di in a few minutes he became one of the people with the most prescription power in the United Kingdom, but also in the world. It went from being a nursery teacher to be the consort of the Heir to the Throne, Prince Charles of England. While she herself recognized that she only had a few items in her closet, from the moment of announcing her engagement, they multiplied in a matter of days. But although now we all remember her as a true style icon, the truth is that she did not love it from the beginning.

The first official date, with his then fiance, was in 1981 during a charity dance at the Goldsmiths' Hall. It was the first act in which it became a true Hollywood diva. For this important event he went to the writing of one of the best known fashion magazines in the world, where they advised designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, which became in Felipe Varela of our Queen Letizia Ortiz.

They made a wonderful black taffeta dress with a sweetheart neckline and a lot of volume, a design that nowadays it is back in fashion and instead tell Valentino, who has used this fabric to satiety in his last parades.

But despite how wonderful it is over time, this first dress He didn't like the Royal House, nor Prince Charles nor, much less, to the critical press of the moment. Too much neckline, a very wrinkled fabric and a sophisticated design that a 19-year-old girl might not have had to choose, these were the comments that were made at the time and that can leave very quiet Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle because perfection cannot be found at all times. They could shine with this dress today.

Unfortunately this design is not in Buckingham Palacebecause Diana Spencer liked it so much that when she lost weight she took it back to the Emanuel to make some adjustments. These made another custom design and stayed with this dress in his workshop, years later they decided to auction it due to their economic problems, the years of bonanza as head designers of Diana of Wales disappeared.