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Do you have an obsession with Mickey Mouse? These 13 tattoos will make you fall in love (literally)

A week ago Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th birthday all over the top: firms of all kinds paid tribute worldwide with collections and gadgets where he was the protagonist. If you are one of those is obsessed with that little mouse bluff since you were very young and you want me to accompany you forever 13 tattoos perfect for you Whether in vintage version, with a mobile in hand or in skull version, Which one do you prefer?

The most geometric version

When you want something beyond the small

What is under the ears?

The vintage Mickey is the one you like the most

The mouse that whispered in the ear of its owner

Mickey and his own balloon

Hands up!

Mickey and Minnie as a couple

The most cool exploded view

The most current Mickey is presented with selfie included

The most famous silhouette

Type sketch

What would it be like to have an x-ray?