Eating healthy shouldn't be expensive: the best substitutes for trendy foods

Eating healthy is much more than a fad: It should be something we do daily to lead a healthier lifestyle, take care of ourselves and keep kilos at bay. But many of the so-called "superfoods"They are especially expensive, is it really worth paying so much for them? Nothing is further from reality, because eating healthy can be much cheaper with these fashion food substitutes:

Flax seeds instead of chia seed

The chia puddings they are the new breakfast healthy that floods instagram, and chia seeds we love because of the fiber contribution they give to our diet and its high content in Omega 3. However, flax seeds have even more content in Omega 3, they are also high in fiber and They cost € 4.20 / kg instead of € 11.99 / kg.

Extra virgin olive oil instead of coconut or avocado oil

Our "liquid gold"It is one of the main responsible for our country becoming the second longest in the world, and instead of the saturated fats of coconut oil, the olive oil It offers monounsaturated fats that improve our cardiovascular health, it is also a powerful antioxidant, high in vitamin K and E and even prevents Alzheimer's.

As for the price, there is no point of comparison: 5.67 euros / liter of olive oil compared to € 15.73 / liter of coconut oil. So it is better to continue cooking with EVOO, and it is not necessary to replace a avocado toast for a delicious bread with tomato and oil.

Kiwis and oranges instead of açai and goji berries

We see the big ones açai bowls for breakfast and they are super appetizing. In addition, they all highlight its antioxidant properties and its high content of vitamin C. But having at our disposal the oranges at such an affordable price, or the kiwifruit, which also have a lot of vitamin C, why pay açai powder at € 134.90 / kg when a kilo of kiwis can leave you for less than 4 euros in the market?

Sardines or anchovies instead of salmon

He Salmon have a high content in Omega 3, but also have other blue fish that are on our coasts and that do not come from fish farms, such as sardines and anchovies. And they have nothing to envy in salmon, since the recipes for sardines and anchovies are also delicious. Salmon price approx. € 14 / kg compared to 3-5 euros / kg. They cost sardines and anchovies in any supermarket.

Broccoli or spinach instead of spirulina

He Spirulina We are struck by its powerful green color, due to its high chlorophyll content. But we can also benefit from their anti-cancer and detoxifying properties consuming another type of green-looking vegetables, such as broccoli or spinach. Spirulina price, approx. 26 euros / kg versus € 2 / kg of broccoli that costs approximately in the market.

Beyond the fashions that flood instagram, if we want to make a healthy diet without spending a lot of money, it is enough for us to fill our seasonal fruit and vegetable cart, legumes and real food instead of frozen and processed food. This will save money while we take care of ourselves.

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