Want to ski and splurge style? Zara TRF presents a perfect collection for the occasion

The hangover of black friday It is still present in our daily lives - and it has been evident in our current account - but Zara (as expected) wants us to turn the page. That is why it has launched a new collection within your TRF line Perfect for going to the mountain and practicing the star sport of the season: skiing. The feather anoraks they are the protagonists and small details make the big difference.

The sporty touch that will conquer you

As we have already mentioned, this Join Life collection is inspired by mountain sports such as skiing. Each of the garments comes with a sports leave where the style and trends of the moment are present. Comfort is one of the features that stands out in each of the proposals, as well as a touch oversize of the most cool.

Silver colored down, do you dare?

With the motto "Please Recycle" (please recycle), there is a star design: a thick down of silver and black details. This type of garment continues to reign the season and shows us that it is able to blend in all environments.

The perfect complements to go to the mountain

Comfort, practicality and style come together to create a collection of perfect accessories to wear 24/7. Large nylon backpacks - as well as the fanny packs - come before us with the sole intention of staying in our closet floor forever.

What do you think of this new collection?

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