Street style

The color of the season you least expected, yellow, is that divine for winter

No one expected it, but the yellow has become one of the colors of the season. If you expected winter days to be gray and dark, yellow manages to bring light, joy and dynamism to our looks. He streetstyle It gives us clues of how to wear it and how to combine it, because it offers many more options than it seems at first glance.

Yellow for working girl

In the office It can be worn as a suit, or with a long coat, in a look that shows personality and courage.

The checkered pattern that takes so much this season also suits yellow.

In sporty code

A total yellow look is very powerful, especially if we fall for the athleisure.

A yellow jersey that solves your looks

The best way to animate a bland look is with a yellow jersey that gets all the prominence.

Accessories in yellow

Also handbags, sneakers or sunglasses give a fun touch to your look if they are dyed yellow.

All combinations of yellow

Although at first we only dare to combine it with black or gray there are many more options. This season the yellow joins the pastry to get sweet and delicate outfits with hollyhocks, roses, etc.

It cannot fail: yellow with camel, which is everywhere.

He green It is an option to combine it, especially if you are not afraid of anything.

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