Rosalia dyes her eyebrows pink and the world goes crazy (but she is not the only one)

Rosalia has done it again: dye pink eyebrows. First it was during the red carpet of the MTV awards and now in an extensive Insta stories talking about his album "El mal querer". The RRSS have not hesitated to react and, although many do not just convince them, the truth is that the singer only follows one of the craziest trends of the moment. Do you know what we are talking about?

The singer has long and tended to explain in detail a video that circulates on the internet where her album "El mal querer" is explained in detail, and there we have seen it (again) with pink eyebrows. Something striking but full of personality that demonstrates only one thing: follow the most extreme trends of the moment.

It's not the only one

Yes, although it may seem a lie, wearing pink eyebrows is nothing more than a trend that triumphs in the world of fashion, and street style and the USSR have echoed it.

A street styler during the last Fashion Week in Paris (Photo: IMaxTree)

From the Abu Khadra sisters to the coolest street stylers of the Fashion Weeks, they all wear this striking technique that leaves no one indifferent.

Test from home

There are several ways to achieve this effect, so many that in this YouTube tutorial it shows us 4 different ways to paint our eyebrows at home. The question is, will you dare to look like them?

Video: GET READY WITH ME! (February 2020).