Clarins launches two tension treatments and a male face line, care for everyone!

Clarins is already famous in the field of lifting without surgery, thanks to its Extra Firming line that they launched earlier this year. Now they continue to complete it with two new products that work in depth. In addition, the Parisian brand has launched new male moisturizing products for the face, expanding its range of the man sector with complete care for different situations.

The new Clarins treatment is recommended for women from 40 years. That is when the loss of firmness begins, the first deep wrinkles appear and the skin goes out, losing light. For them, the cosmetic firm has created products with a tensor effect or lifting without surgery completing their 2018 Extra-Firming range.

These are Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum (99 euros) and Extra-Firming Yeux (60 euros), a duet for the face and eye contour It favors the production of collagen and strengthen the connections of firmness. This is achieved by blow of mitracarpus, kangaroo flower and white lupine. All of them natural ingredients that improve the elasticity and firm appearance of the skin. It will be on sale soon.

In the men's sector, ClarinsMen has launched three moisturizing products for protect the skin barrier against water loss in different situations Baume Super Hydratant to ensure facial comfort on days of irritation and sensitivity; Super Hydratant Gel to cool on hot days and Fluide Super Hydratant SPF 20 to protect from the sun without a sticky feeling on the beard. Each of them costs 42 euros and will be on sale soon.

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