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These are the jeans (jewel type) of Sara Carbonero that you are going to want this season

Sara Carbonero triumphs in the world of the USSR and its more than 2 million of legions of fans corroborate it. The presenter triumphs every time she uploads a photo and a few hours ago she has fallen in love with half a population with a simple outfit where some jeans They take control of the situation. The reason? It is none other than small details of strass located in the pocket area.

The specific model is signed by Cortefiel, they are still available on their website and - best of all - they have a very interesting price thanks to discounts. The question is, will you fall into temptation?

Take advantage of discounts

Although it seems like a lie, the black Friday thugs are still present and all thanks to Cyber ​​Monday. In this way, you can get these skinny jeans with jewelry details on cheaper sides of their initial price. From € 59.99 they are worth € 39.99, proving that the “good, beautiful and cheap” rule still exists.

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