This is Zara's collection of coats with which you will need a larger closet

Finish on Black friday and of course, Zara surprises us with a new wave of coats that we are going to want without discounts in between. Because the signature low cost He knows that these clothes are our greatest obsession in this cold season. Down jackets, stuffed coats, knitted and masculine designs in which to snuggle all winter splurging style wherever we go. This is the Coats 2018 collection.

We continue with the teddy trend, which elevates any styling to infinity giving it a much richer and more luxurious air. We can wear it with jeans, with party dresses or with looks office because the hair coat is the must-have most appealing winter. Zara already launched some a few days ago, but continues to complete its collection for all tastes.

  • Teddy coat with zipper, 59.95 euros.
  • Shearling coat, 69.95 euros.
  • Hair effect jacket, 69.95 euros.
  • Maxi coat in orange tone, 99.95 euros.

Zara's new coats are made of newer materials and cozy For these cold days. The wool, thick point and even corduroy They have made their appearance in these designs so appealing. Because stuffed animal is not the only fabric that will triumph this 2018.

  • Wool coat and wrap collar, 99.95 euros.
  • Knitted coat in the shape of eights, 59.95 euros.
  • Cross corduroy coat, 79.95 euros.

Lovers of the most urban, sporty and comfortable casual style know that in the feathers is the answer against the cold. Of course, Zara knows this too and has launched more designs on the market. This time in double layer format and even with mittens included, to carry the total look to the next level

  • Green feathers with stuffed interior, 89.95 euros.
  • Feathers with overcoat and mittens, 79.95 euros.
  • Double layer coat with gloves included in tone navy, 79.95 euros.

The male coats continue to be a classic that section "New"Zara does not let go. And they are basic, sophisticated and flattering garments that become the most all-terrain option of winter, why say no to something that works? Black is the star, but Inditex firm has introduced some colors neutral

  • Crossed coat with belt, 79.95 euros.
  • Gray coat with buttons, 79.95 euros.
  • Coat cocoon in khaki, 119 euros.
  • Men's beige coat, 89.95 euros.