Low-cost fashion can be elegant and Lefties shows it to us with a perfect collection for the occasion

You usually think that expensive is synonymous with good, but it doesn't have to be. In this way, fashion low cost It can be elegant and stylish, and Lefties He just showed us by launching a new Winter collection Perfect for this season. Outerwear full of personality, designs for day to day and pieces to succeed at all hours. All your needs (and whims) could be found in this new lookbook.

The patterned (fur) coats are the must

This winter 2018/2019 hair coats gain prominence and are presented in a printed version. The flowers will add originality and make this garment the star of our final styling.

The most classic elegance

Elegance can be classic (and economical) and plain coats - as well as a plaid trench - are the indispensable wardrobe of all fashionist. If you still don't have your fetish model, these proposals could convince you automatically.

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