The "Who is who" to claim the achievements of women that this Christmas you can buy or manufacture yourself

This Christmas, at Who is who, Hasbro's mythical board game, a clone has come out. Is called Who's she (who is she) and responsible is Zuzia Kozerska-Girard, a mother and Polish illustrator that has flipped the board so that Children meet the female figures who have stood out throughout history in fields such as science, art, philosophy or activism.

One version feminist of this game that consists of Guess the identity of the opponent's characters through questions. For the occasion, Zuzia has selected 28 illustrious women. Among them are aviator Amelia Earhart, astronaut Valentina Terechkova, abolitionist Harriet Tubman... who will undergo the scrutiny of the little ones with questions about their talent and power like "have you won a Nobel Prize? ”Or“ did you govern a empire? ”Instead of the superficial ones about the physique of the original game.

In order to realize his idea, this mother has obtained financing through the platform Kickstarter. In fact, this review of Who is who liked it so much that it has already exceeded the figure of 15,000 euros that it needed to become a reality and, today, has raised 224,616 euros. The game, made in wood with watercolor drawings, it costs 65 euros and can be purchased Until December the 7th on the crowdfunding page.

Although, if you get out of the budget or you like the Crafts, it is very easy to assemble your own. You only need one printer, scissors and a board, which you can get from the official game or from the multiple cheaper copies for sale in bazaars. And if you need inspire you when it comes to including female characters we have some recommendations in book form.


A very good option to get ideas and discover women you might not have heard of yourself are the two volumes of Valerosas of the illustrator Pénélope Bagieu (Dibbuks) Is about portraits in comic format which were initially published in the digital edition of the prestigious French newspaper Le monde. Under the subtitle of “Women who only do what they want”, Bagieu presents in a pleasant and beautiful way women who reinvented their destiny by changing ours as well. Since Wu Zetian, Chinese Empress who created an outline of current labor law and established the merits to be able to access public offices to Margaret Hamilton, the actress specialized in horror roles that made his peculiar beauty a reference in Hollywood.

Small & big

The collection Small & big by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara for the publishing house Alba deals with each book the story of a female figure. It is aimed at very young children. Its objective is to make them discover who have been the most important women in contemporary history. Painters, adventurers, scientists... with those who can identify. Each volume, written in verse, is illustrated by a different illustrator and among its titles are the life and work of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Simone de Beauvoir, Ella Fitzgerald or zoologist Dian Fossey.

Women of science

Another alternative, for a Who is who thematic is the beautiful volume of the Nordic publishing house, Women of science with 50 intrepid pioneers that changed the world. Written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky, the book highlights the contributions of these women to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, from the ancient world to the present day. Among them are faces better known as Marie Curie or Jane Goodall, and others that are less like Rachel Carson, which at the beginning of the 20th century already warned about the harmful effects of pesticides and pollution.

Important when making this game at home is that keep in mind that children are not going to meet many of them at the entrance and you have to include information about the character on the same board or in a separate guide so that they become familiar with them and, above all, they can play!