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We tell you seven tricks to know how to remove makeup stains from your clothes

Make the mistake of putting on makeup before dressing. Let the hand raise who has not done it! You try by all means that your face does not touch the clothes, but when you want to realize you have the red stained base and lipstick jersey. Do not panic! You will have to change look and review your makeup, but you won't have to throw away your precious sweater. At least, not with these tips of how to remove makeup stains.

How to remove makeup stains with makeup remover

This is the simplest option for when stains occur outside the home. Because if you are in the comfort of your home you will have soap, hydrogen peroxide and even a washing machine on hand. But if it catches you in the subway, in a restaurant or in the officeHow to remove makeup stains? You have to get creative. You will get out of the way if you have a makeup remover with you, which you can apply to touches on the stain with a cotton ball.

Remember never to rub, as you will extend the stain further and cause a stropt. Just look for a bathroom with a hand dryer, apply the make-up remover with light touches and then dry the stain on said dryer, to make sure there is no trace of it.

How to remove makeup stains with hydrogen peroxide

When you stain a garment, especially white, with a makeup background, it is important to act quickly. Otherwise he could stay forever and ruin the clothes. Therefore, the first step is moisten with a cloth and water the stained area, without applying too much moisture so that it does not spread.

Then pour hydrogen peroxide to touches with your finger and then rub it with a toothbrush and circular movements. Thus, when you go to wash the oxygenated water it will have been activated and prevented from fixing the color. This is one of the basic tricks to know how to remove makeup stains. And you will have your jersey, shirt or shirt as the first day. Disaster avoided!

How to remove makeup stains with hydrogen peroxide

Another option is change the hydrogen peroxide with liquid detergent, in case you don't have at home. A few drops are poured on the stain and rubbed with a brush, as we discussed in the previous section. You will also have to put it in the washing machine to get a perfect result.

How to remove makeup stains with anti-grease soap

There are some makeups that have oily bases, such as lipsticks shiny or some moisturizing makeup funds for dry skin. And we already know how complicated it can be to remove an oil stain from clothes. That is why it is essential to act quickly and use a dishwasher soap, like the life-long Fairy in the kitchen. This is because they have anti-fat ingredients, which cancel the oil.

There are many formulas to know how to remove stains of greasy makeup from clothes with this soap, but the most effective is by throwing a few drops in the dirty area and letting it stand for 15 minutes. Then rub it with a towel in circles and use paper towels to absorb soap, water and stain. And then, as always, to the washing machine.

How to remove makeup stains with shaving foam

You may be surprised to discover that the male shaving foam has many alternative uses in the home cleaning universe. It serves to remove stains of rust, grease, to clean glass, paint and many other things. In addition, it has a strong anti-grease capacity and serves to remove makeup stains. Just apply it on the affected area, leave it on for 15 minutes and then put it in the washing machine, to ensure it goes deep.

How to remove makeup stains with white vinegar

If the destruction does not have salvation and the garment itself has many makeup stains, it is best to fill a bowl with a solution based on warm water, white vinegar and lemon. Dip the clothes for 30 minutes before washing it in the washing machine, to soften the stains and prevent them from fixing to the fabric. This is also useful when you fall asleep with makeup and leave all your look "stuck" to the pillow.

How to remove makeup stains with baking soda

If you are looking for how to remove makeup stains on-line, bicarbonate will be the solution you will find for the most impossible cases. Make one dough mixing baking soda with water and let stand on the stain In this way you will prevent it from drying out and staying there forever, paying a very expensive price for forgetting to dress before putting on makeup. Then you just have to wash the clothes in the washing machine andvoilà! It will be like new.

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