Do you have atopic skin? These 24 products will be responsible for calming her from head to toe

Today is World Atopic Dermatitis Day, a disease that affects 11% of the world's population. The skin is itchy, easily irritated, flakes and, in the most severe cases, even cracks and wounds. In winter these symptoms multiply because of the cold, but with these 24 special products we will have nothing to fear. Fear of low temperatures? We and our hyper sensitive skin are more than prepared.

Special treatments for hair

The firm specializing in hair growth Nuggela & Sulé has launched a shampoo intended for atopic skin (19.90 euros), able to improve, soothe and moisturize the most sensitive scalp. In addition, it stimulates the growth and quality of the mane.

Leti AT4 shampoo for atopic skin (12 euros) is one of the best proposals in pharmacies for take care of the scalp and avoid peeling and dandruff. In addition, it protects the shine of the hair and avoids the terrible itching of the head, which becomes more unpleasant in the cold season.

The Mustela firm has the famous Stelatopia shampoo, which It is used even in newborn babies to treat atopy. However, adults can also benefit from the soothing properties of this product, for sale for 10.50 euros.

The soft Multilind shampoo for daily use (12.75 euros) has long been pampering our sensitive skin, but this is one of the first firms to also have non-reactive conditioner in atopic skin (10.80 euros). Not only softens the hair, helping to hydrate and brush. If we let it act for a few minutes, it also moisturizes the scalp, refreshing it and avoiding peeling.

Facial treatments

Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics, this Bruno Vassari face cream (55,10 euros) is indicated for the care of the most reactive and fragile skin. Restores the skin barrier, relieves irritations and feelings of tightness and strengthens and protects the beneficial flora of the skin.

In Bioderma they have one of the most specialized products for acne. Because not all people who suffer from this pathology have oily skin. For those who suffer from atopic, sensitive and acneic skin, Sébium Sensitive (18.64 euros) is a great option. We have tried it first hand and it is soothing, moisturizing, disinfecting and cleaning without glare.

Eucerin has launched its AtopiControl line, which although not pharmaceutical in nature, aims to help with the symptoms of atopic skin. Your face cream (9.90 euros) is used for daily use, while the cream forte (9.10 euros) is due use only in case of atopic outbreaks.

La Roche-Posay has one of the best laboratories specialized in the study of intolerant skin. Therefore, theirs we have chosen make-up removers for sensitive skin, because these can be very complicated products to find. We have the facial make-up remover (15.45 euros) and the specialized eye makeup (12.70 euros), which comes in individual blisters.

Babaria is best known for its sun care, but it has a Aloe Vera facial cream very natural and without additives (5.65 euros). With it you can see more elasticity and firmness in the skin, but it also relieves the effects of cold and feels hydrated all day.

Instituto Español is a reference in the treatment of atopic skin and its integral care cream is the most effective of all we have tried. It serves the entire body, although it is especially useful in the case of skin exposed to the weather, such as hands and face. It is also ideal for lips and costs only 2.40 euros.

Body treatments

This is one of my favorite products, which I have recently discovered. Bioderma SOS Atoderm spray is an immediate relief of itching when a strong outbreak occurs. And when we say immediately, it is so fast that you don't have time to suffer from itching. There is a version of 200 ml (11.20 euros) and another pocket for emergencies (6.90 euros)

The A-Derma firm has a line called Dermalibour, specialized in the most atopic skins. From this section we have tested the repair cream (15.61 euros) and the stick repairman (11.90 euros), which is perfect to carry in your bag and apply urgently on redness or irritations that arise throughout the day.

Bioderma is still our favorite, also in terms of body creams. This balm from Atoderm Intensive Baume is very light and refreshing, which helps relieve more irritated skin and prevent itching. In addition, its 500 ml container. For 20 euros it lasts a long time and is ideal to have next to the shower and use daily.

He shower moment is also critical for people who suffer from atopic skin. Especially for the temperature contrasts with the hot water and the dryness that some bath gels produce. The Exomega line of A-Derma has us covered, with this shower oil (11.43 euros) and bath and this mousse Shower (10.50 euros) so soft and delicate that it relieves itching quickly.

This Bioderma cleansing gel is another of the products we have tested first hand, knowing that it is effective even at peak times atopic Its price is about 22 euros for a liter of product.

Deodorants are another focus of controversy for people with sensitive skin. But Eucerin has launched this Special aluminum free proposal for atopic dermatitis (6.60 euros). It has no alcohol, dyes or parabens and can even be applied after hair removal.

The Ducray laboratory also has wonderful products for atopic skin. As a person with this pathology, I have tried several proposals of the brand and I am left with the anti-scratch balm, ideal for those moments of acute itching in which it is hard to resist. And its cleansing gel is ideal for showering, relieving irritations and without drying. It is found in pharmacies.

EBBE is a firm that uses sea ​​water as a base for all your products, something that normally dries the skin. However, this emulsion (16.14 euros) thoroughly treats the symptoms of atopic skin, normalizing the natural skin barrier and rebalancing it completely.


Today in Amazon for € 17.50

DUCRAY A-DERMA Dermalibour Stick

Today in Amazon for € 10.60

A-DERMA Exomega Shower and Bath Oil 500ml

Today in amazon for € 17.85

A-DERMA Exomega Emollient Cleansing Gel 500ML

Today in Amazon for € 12.50

Eucerin Deodorant Without Aluminum Salts, 50ml.

Today in Amazon for € 10.08

EBBE AD2 Atopic Dematitis Emulsion with Purified Sea Water 100 Ml

Today in Amazon for € 16.45

Eucerin Atopicontrol Cream

Today in Amazon for € 9.90

Eucerin AtopiControl Forte Cream - 40 ml

Today in Amazon for € 9.10

Atoderm Sos Spray 50ml

Today in Amazon for € 7.30

LETI AT4 - Atopic skin shampoo, 250 ml

Today in Amazon for € 9.95

Mustela, Shampoo - 150 ml.

Today in Amazon for € 8

Multilind Soft Shampoo - 400 ml. Hypoallergenic shampoo for non aggressive hair and sensitive scalp hygiene

Today in Amazon for € 12.75


Today in Amazon for € 11.04

La Roche Posay Toleriane Face and Eye Cleanser - 400 gr

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La Roche Posay Makeup Remover - 15 ml

Today in Amazon for € 15.27

Atopic skin integral care cream 50 ml

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BIODERMA Atoderm Intensive Atopic Skin 500 ml

Today in Amazon for € 16.40

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