The Dukes of Sussex move from their 2-room cabin to a 10-room house with nursery, gym and yoga room

It's official. After many rumors, the Kensington Palace has confirmed in a official statement that the Dukes of Sussex move permanently from Nottingham Cottage. Which means that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they won't live door to door with Prince William and Kate Midleton. In addition, they want to do it before the birth of their first child, scheduled for spring 2019.

It was planned to move to an apartment in that palace, which has been under construction for months. However, the place chosen to leave the small two-room cabin, which has been his home since they were engaged, is Fromgore Cottage. A luxurious residence located within the royal estate of Windsor where they will have as a new neighbor Queen Elizabeth II, which has given them the land. This is a place already known to the couple because it was where they were made the official photos of the engagement and the party was held after their wedding.

A two-story house whose facilities are located ten rooms, a nursery, a gym and a yoga room (discipline Meghan is fond of). Not to mention the abundant vegetation that surrounds it. Nothing more and nothing less than 133,000 green square meters with huge acres.

Of course, rumorology has been launched. As a reason for this sudden change it is spoken from tensions between brothers and sisters, that would be very different characters and would not get along ... Even those who venture that Doria RaglandMeghan's mother will be the baby sitter and they need a terraced house for her. Other theories have also been pointed out as Markle does not want his son to grow up in the "Golden cage" from Kensington Palace. Although the truth is that, for the moment, nothing has been confirmed and everything comes from anonymous sources supposedly close to the couple.

What does involve a curious parallel with what will be your new tenants is that Fromgore Cottage it was the estate where Walli Simpson resided as Duchess of Windsor, the other American of the British royal family, and why Edward VIII abdicated in 1936. Hopefully, this time, history will not be repeated.

Photo: Gtres

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