Tonight it's time to go out ... Quiet, we tried 3 infallible maintenance that will get you out of any trouble

The dates of the constant holidays arrive. Make cold, work goes on, few hours of sleep, everything starts to happen invoice in our skin. Almost does not give us time to know what to wear, so we can not devote much care to have the face in an optimal state.

The product choice It is key at this time of the year to reach the Fiestas and outings with a skin care. The opportunity to combine routine and fun is given to me by some infallible simple that I always have at hand and some novelty that after meeting I do not let escape. I give you some tips, which will help you to be prepared and perfect in this moment that now begins ...


If you are going out, do not leave things for the last moment, we must put into practice the advice we already know: drink water and liquids to keep the body in a good state of hydration, both for the skin and for the digestive tract, the eyes ... It is important for everything, but it is not worth drinking one day what is due and stop, the body must regenerate and reach a stable hydration point. Remember that for this you can also resort to digestive infusions.

Eat in moderation, do not give yourself the classic "pre-Christmas binge", do not choose products that by common sense can swell or slow down the digestive cycle, avoid soda, pastries, cheeses and blunt foods help to be great that day you just want to leave. Choose the lightness through salads, creams, fruit, juices, soups, infusions ... You will see with beginnings to notice the effect of your choices soon.

Choose a key routine

Caring for the skin with a cream that in times of stress, cold and lack of sleep cover and meet these requirements, it would be a detail on our part. There are specific as the new Institut Esthederm Biomimetic Rest Cream, ideal for rest A skin in crisis. A facial treatment formulated to put the skin in "calm mode", reinforcing the natural defenses and improving your tolerance threshold. The skins with sensitivity crises, fragile and intolerant are put to rest thanks to their components to be able to rebuild their system of protection, defense and healing.

Your exceptional formula 99% biomimetic, is inspired by the same active ingredients that we find in our skin, something that makes the treatment better assimilated, enhancing its effectiveness and decreasing its reaction limit against external aggressions. Its texture is melting, unctuous, fine and fragrant. It is indicated for hyperreactive or fragile skin due to external or internal factors, which show itching, irritation, diffuse redness or permanent discomfort. Also indicated for after an "aggressive" dermatological process.

It is ideal to apply alone in the morning and / or night, on face, neck and neckline, I notice my resting skin relieved immediately and lastingly, lowering its reaction limit against cold and dryness. Redness and annoying sensations decrease and my skin is soft and reinforced. It also prevents premature aging. Its price is 61 euros.

Use complementary masks

Apply masks to complement The daily routine is essential to strengthen the care. It is a good time to intensify hydration because it is cold, there are temperature changes and a moisturizing mask prepare and repair the skin. If you cannot devote too much tempo to your face, at least you have more and more to choose from. A good choice is the White Lotus Moisturizing Mask from Kenzoki with the beauty properties of this flower and its hydration power. A cream presented in the form of a flower, encapsulated in a translucent gel.

This gel contains the essence of the Parrot plant, known for its comforting properties and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, capable of retaining up to 1000 times its weight in water. The velvety textured cream contains white lotus glycolisate, extracted from its petals, known for its power to trap free radicals and strengthen the skin's barrier function. All under a delicious and relaxing fragrance. Its recommended price is 64 euros.

Eyes rested

Many days the eyes do not have enough with the usual treatment. It is that moment "bags or dark circles" when I turn to a product that has always fascinated me. Eye Therapy Patch from Talika provides an exclusive technology: a matrix of semi-solidified vegetable oils that progressively disseminates assets and promotes their skin penetration. The concept is that of an "active" patch.

It is very soft for the epidermis, it can be reused at least 3 times. It is enriched with ceramides and vegetable oils of rosehip, wheat germ, avocado and shea butter, and provides a very complete action: restructure and hydrate, revitalize, regenerate, soothe and nourish. In 20 minutes, the result is amazement.

Refering to body hydration, no matter how lazy I give you, it must be present. Try to keep it nurtured, if you don't have time in the morning, try it at night. Legs, arms and hands will thank you very much when you wear your model for every occasion.

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