Paula Bonet: "We are full of romantic love that we have etched on fire and we cannot escape the contradictions"

Valenciana by birth, her work has traveled as much as she. She is a polyhedral artist who paints, writes, practices street art and teaches in his workshop "The Burrow". Is feminist by right and by duty, and wants to break the silence with his art. That is why "Rodents: pregnant body without embryo" was born, his latest work that involves a song of freedom, love and women, and that break the existing taboo with spontaneous abortion. Without half measures and through an illustrated animal and a newspaper full of poetry. We talk to Paula Bonet about literature, art, feminism and love.

If we could define it with one word, we would choose brave. Paula Bonet (Vila-real, 1980) has a degree in Fine Arts, has exhibited in countries around the world and has been trained not only in Spain, but in New York, Urbino and Santiago Chile. His work is his way of expressing himself, openly, sincere, proud and free. It began with illustrations loaded with beauty and ingenuity as she said in her Instagram account. And now it illustrates in a much real way, but also more beautiful thanks to its rawness.

Let's talk about your new book, “Rodents. Pregnant body without embryo ”. The concept is tremendously original. Why did it arise as a double volume?

Rodents is a diptych. On the one hand, an animal in accordion format that tried to be an illustrated children's book for a girl who was not born and on the other, a diary of two consecutive spontaneous abortions. It emerged as a double volume because both the one and the other they portray the same from different perspectives, both were developed in parallel.

You consider yourself polyhedral in terms of your profession, why do you think it is so complicated to escape the saying "apprentice of a little teacher"? Do you think that to grow professionally you have to run away from labels?

I think that each label mutilates and boxes. What a curse. Painting is as important to me as drawing, the word as engraving. They are communicative tools. If I had talent to dance, I would dance. I do not understand, in the art world, anyone who is pigeonholed, who repeats patterns, who does not question himself and who does not risk. I don't trust artists who are not wrong.

"I do not understand, in the art world, anyone who is pigeonholed, who repeats patterns, who does not question himself and who does not risk"

Do you think that your work helps raise awareness in society?

I don't think I'm the best person to answer that question. I hope it serves someone.

You have said on more than one occasion that you do not write for women but that you do it universally, tell us about this.

Do men write only for men? Nor do women do it only for women.

You have spent more time as an illustrator and painter than as a writer. Do you find it easier to express yourself in images than with words?

I've been painting since I can remember. I also read since I could start doing it. What I haven't done until later has been writing. Literature is the art that has given me the greatest pleasure ever, the one that consumes the most, the one that gives me the most answers, and it has cost me a lot to feel safe to publish texts. It has taken me a long time to separate them from the image, I always approach the job of writer with a lot of respect.

Where do you get the inspiration for your artistic expression?

What makes me passionate or angry, what makes me angry, what I love.

So, does the mood influence your paintings?

If much. Normally it is impossible for me to run away from my mood. Sometimes I think it's bullshit because one is unable to hide.

Social networks are sometimes double-edged weapons. In your case, are they a speaker for your art or a window to the haters?

I understand social networks as a showcase where to show a job.

You talk about the struggle for equality on many occasions. What would be necessary for the system to change and achieve real equality for women in this society?

Knock down the system. Raise it again on a really egalitarian basis.

Do you think there will be a real change in the paradigm of women in the short term thanks to the entire feminist movement that is emerging in recent months? How does an independent woman like you live it?

Yes I believe it, I am optimistic in the long term. I live questioning all the time. Noting every time I use a construction that perpetuates the patriarchal system or that deviates from the path that brings me closer to the free self that I would like to be.

A world in which women's work and men's work are equally valued, not only economically. Utopia or reality?

Right now that world does not exist.

How do you consider love in the super modern times we live now? Do you really believe that the romantic love we were used to has disappeared giving way to a new kind of love?

I have no idea what love is like, I wouldn't know how to answer you in any context. What is love and how to manage it is the big question. Romantic love is unfair and mutilating. We are trying to build new ways of relating but it is very complicated and painful to move from the theoretical to the practice, we are still full of that romantic love that has been burned to us from a very young age and we cannot escape the contradictions.

"We are full of that romantic love that has been burned to us from a very young age"

Since when are you fond of creating travel books? What is your favorite?

Usually it is usually the last one, but I think if I say Marrakech I will not be lying. He was the only one I painted traveling alone and I think it contains that magic of who wants to get to a place and leave it without anyone noticing.

What does Paula Bonet read?

Right now Lina Meruane and Annie Ernaux.

Is there a graphic novel in sight?

No. There are the paintings of "The Year of Magic Thought" by Joan Didion and the engravings and paintings of my next exhibition.

After meeting Paula Bonet, we can affirm that it is art, strength and courage. A new generation of artists who use their talent to deliver a message of change (necessary) to the world. Because the best way to understand is to embrace art and that Paula, has much to say.

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