Stylish clothing brands to make a difference in your looks

If you are tired of the usual brands because you match your looks in the office or do you want to dazzle with your outfits party and guest, sign up these Stylish clothing brands. Signatures capable of making a difference in style, which you want to always have in your closet.

Clothing brands with guest style: Bimani 13

Laura Corsini is the founder of the Spanish brand that is characterized by outfits Simple, timeless and in plain colors but full of style. In Bimani13 you can find very nice clothes for the day to day and looks of guest more millennials ideal the best? The same garment is available in a variety of shades. His star garment is the twist, specifically the reversible blouses and dresses that make a garment the perfect bet for different occasions. For day to day bets are simple and are accompanied by a reasonable price.

Clothing brands with 'low cost' style: OVS

It is one of the brands low cost Italian clothing main. If you would like to dress in the Italian style OVS is undoubtedly the perfect brand, since in addition to stylish garments for all possible occasions, their prices are very affordable. Dresses for looks diaries, party designs to get a look winner, cool and trendy coats, pants for all ... a very complete brand that will not leave you indifferent.

Celebrity style clothing brands: Mioh

Mioh is a Spanish brand with a lot of style that was announced thanks to Paula Echevarría. Their specialty is dresses, you have them for all occasions: day, party, guest ... and now also includes knitted sweaters. The variety is not much but without a doubt with the looks you choose you will make a difference.

Stylish clothing brands influencers: Rouje

The influencer Jeanne Damas founded a stylish clothing brand two years ago: Rouje and its collections are your perfect wardrobe. Ideal clothes, especially dresses wrap dress, They are sold out in record time. Very stylish pieces that combine romanticism vintage with trend: blouses, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses ... cute models for day to day from 40 euros to 175 euros.

Stylish clothing brands that ravage Instagram: Womance

Womance is sweeping between instagrammers The Spanish brand has impressive models for the most stylish parties: feathers, sequins, glitters, fringes ... wear the most original and striking designs loaded with style. No doubt with the dress you choose you will be the center of all the looks of the night.

Stylish clothing brands for events: Sophie and Lucie

Sophie & Lucie are Sofía and Lucía Fernández Roca, two designer sisters who bet on creations for events. His designs are different, feminine, youthful and always trendy, but they go out of the ordinary. A stylish clothing brands for special occasions. The new collection is loaded with sequins, female tailors, knotted skirts and tops with volume.

Stylish clothing brands for everyday life: Sandro

He chic French we see it in Sandro. It is one of the brands premium more affordable, whose collections are loaded with sophisticated garments, original fabrics that combine the look Rocker with a bohemian touch. Best of all, most of their designs do not follow trends and become a fantastic closet floor. Many celebrities They are indisputable followers of this brand with style founded by Evelyne Chetrite.

Stylish clothing brands celebrities: Apparentia

Apparentia saw celebrities, actresses, bloggers and influencers. Diana and Rebeca, their designers, are responsible for creating short, long dresses and party overalls ideal to be a perfect and different guest. It is one of the stylish clothing brands of the moment where to find designs for all kinds of events.

Stylish clothing brands with rollazo: Ba & sh

Another brand of clothes loaded with estilazo is the French Ba & sh. The dream of two childhood friends, Parisians Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, who were looking for chic, everyday and elegant clothes: clothes that they themselves would like to wear. His collections are sophisticated and informal and many celebrities such as Sara Carbonero or Paula Echevarría are regulars of the brand.

Stylish clothing brands to wear 24 hours: Maje

Maje is one of the most stylish French clothing brands. She is Sandro's little sister literally, founded by Judith Milgrom, Evelyne Chetrite's younger sister. In its collections you will find ideal proposals for all kinds of moments, from outfits from offices to looks Party and always very sophisticated. Their prices are also premium but permissible.

Clothing brands with 'low cost' guest style: Wild Pony

If you want to be a sophisticated guest and get the look at a cheap price Wild Pony is your best choice. Sobriety, minimalism and love for detail are the basis of this firm with a marked elegant and timeless style with trend strokes, which also proposes garments to stand out in the street-style daily

Stylish clothing brands for all occasions: Coosy

Virginia Pozo is the founder of Coosy, a very flirtatious firm, which began sweeping with her guest models and now also loves her clothes. street-style, Simple pieces that combine perfectly with the less common ones. As the designer says, the brand is "trendy, fashion, bold and charismatic".

Casual style clothing brands: Rails

The American brand Rails offers us garments casual and comfortable, youth proposals that will conquer you for your looks Winter more casual. There is no lack of his iconic shirts that have not been able to resist celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss or Beyoncé.

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