Christmas in New York: nine curiosities about the Rockefeller Center tree

It is iconic, magnificent and a symbol of New York Christmas. The lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is an event full of history and tradition. On November 28 its official ignition will be made It will last until January 7, but today, we tell you some curiosities about the most famous Christmas tree in the world. Are you coming with us to live Christmas in New York? Nine curiosities about the Rockefeller Center tree.

A tradition since 1933

The workers who built the Rockefeller Center in 1931

Since 1933 the Rockefeller Center puts its tree uninterruptedly, although already in December 1931 the workers who built the Rockefeller Center raised their money to buy their Christmas tree, which they decorated with garlands handmade by their families.

More than 21 meters high

It is usually between 21 and 24 meters high, but his record was in 1999 when he reached 30.48 meters high. The tree is not only chosen for its height, but also for its leafiness. This year's for example, is 22 meters, is about 75 years old and is from Wallkill, New York.

The Swarovski star premiered in 2004

It weighs about 226 kilos, and He has been part of the Christmas decoration of the Rockefeller Center Tree since 2004, when he had twenty-five thousand crystals. Thanks to the LED lights that included him the following year, it seemed that the star radiated light from its core to its tips.

Daniel Libeskind with the star he designed

This year the architect Daniel Libeskind has redesigned the star, which this year will feature 3 million crystals, 70 crystal spikes and with a brightness of 106,000 lumens.

50,000 lights

Some 50,000 lights adorn the Rockefeller Center tree, which need more than 11 kilometers of electric cable.

The first broadcast was in 1951

The Kate Smith Show He broadcast the lighting of the Christmas tree event for the first time on television in 1951, although it was done by radio in 1933.

The special “Christmas in Rockefeller Center”

The NBC has been broadcasting the lights on live since 2000. The event includes performances and many Christmas carols.

During the Second World War he lived his most modest moment

World War II marked the beginning of an era of simple and patriotic designs, including red, white and blue muted balloons and painted wooden stars. In 1942, three more modest trees were raised instead of a large one, and from 1942 until the end of the war, the tree remained off every year.

500,000 daily visitors

In total it is estimated that 18 million people will visit the Rockefeller Center This year to see your wonderful Christmas tree and enjoy its ice skating rink.

Donate to Habitat of Humanity

After your Christmas time, the tree is donated to Habitat of Humanity where they use it to build homes for the most disadvantaged, offering a second solidarity life.

We are many who dream of living a magical Christmas in the Big Apple, stroll through the lights in the style of Carrie Bradshaw, and enjoy an afternoon of shopping Christmas in the streets of New York. Until that time comes, we settle for enjoying the most famous Christmas tree in the world and its bright lights even in photographs. Happy Christmas!

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