Three accounts dedicated to rescue the best and worst of the two thousand years that will make you laugh

There is an unwritten rule that says, every 20 years, everything that seems old-fashioned and ridiculous is revalued. Call it nostalgia or that enough time has passed for look to the past with the necessary perspective as to understand and laugh at ourselves.

So, if we do accounts, now it was the turn of the two thousand years. That time of turn of the century and millennium in which we survived the 2000 Effect and some of the biggest crimes of fashion.

Because, although we don't want to see it, those years were much more tacky than the eighties, however much the latter always take credit.

We were so drunk with modernity that we played to believe God carrying skirt and pants at the same time. As if we were back from everything. As if we knew that everything was already invented but we refused to admit it falling into the closet and dressing with the first thing we grabbed.

Luckily, you learn from mistakes and there are very funny accounts on the web dedicated to bring us that past back so we never forget it and keep in mind, as Machado said, the path that has never been set. Or, at least, not before making some arrangements.

Remember This Happened

"Remember that this happened" is an Instagram account that, as they say in their bio, is dedicated to make every day a #ThrowBackThursdaY.

So inspiring ...

… How anti-vacuum cleaner.

Filled with unlikely hairstyles.

Sultry Outfits.

Couples that you no longer remembered that they were ever together.

And the more "WTF" moments of the celebrities.


There is a new Instagram in the neighborhood that has realized that the girlbands of the late nineties and early two thousand used to wear amazing chicazo looks. Normally with very large contrasts between a very garment oversize and another very tight one, like a crop top.

Dykeyspice is dedicated to search in the trunk of memories photographs with which honor this style that was trend (and that, like it or not, it is again).

And also to the "Spice" athlete, Mel C, its greatest reference.

Pop Culture Died in 2009

"Pop culture died in 2009" has been rescuing the best covers of the yellow press of 10 years ago on Twitter, as a newspaper archive.

This Week's Tabloids 10 Years Aug (July 28, 2008) pic.twitter.com/51wkqj6F9T

- popculturediedin2009 (@ pcd2009) July 29, 2018

It is not a compendium of rare tendencies that one day you will have to explain to your grandchildren, but rather believe in pop culture as a political force capable of explaining, through its characteristic elements, an entire era.

This Week's Tabloids 10 Years Aug (July 21, 2008) pic.twitter.com/C2phtTyKID

- popculturediedin2009 (@ pcd2009) July 21, 2018

His name refers to how, with the arrival of social networks and reality shows, we normalize the aura of the great stars and the press of this type became more boring. Since then, it seems increasingly difficult to get something to surprise us.

This Week's Tabloids 10 Years Aug (July 14, 2008) pic.twitter.com/VKRHgAoI8M

- popculturediedin2009 (@ pcd2009) July 15, 2018

And now that you know them, Happy return to the past!

Photo: Instagram Backstreet Boys.

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