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Why it is good to travel alone to overcome a break according to experts

From time to time, more and more people are traveling alone. Interestingly, most of them have a woman's face. According to Rafael Serra, director of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV): "65% of people traveling alone are women between 35 and 55 years. They are more daring, braver and have greater cultural restlessness. "Olé, olé and olé.

It seems that the stigma that years ago surrounded travelers alone, and especially travelers, has disappeared. Why do you travel so much? A study by researchers from Arizona, United States, shows that the people who travel the most, especially women, have better quality of life and less depressive states. And not only that, another study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology states that the feeling of happiness is in the register of relevant memories and experiences, and these two things accumulate mainly in travel.

Science has spoken: Traveling is good for health, especially for the mind, and that is why it is so advisable to overcome a break and regain happiness. So you can now dedicate yourself to travel and to ignore those thousand and one tips that people insist on giving you (even if you have not asked for them). Here are a few benefits of traveling alone after a break.

It takes you out of your comfort zone

Traveling alone takes you away from your stability, your routines and those habits that you have so internalized. According to José Manuel Moltó, member of the board of directors of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), "traveling faces our brain to novelty, variety and challenge".

The emotion returns

To make a solo trip for the first time is to embark on an unknown adventure while exciting. According to the psychotherapist César de la Hoz, expert in conflict resolution and coping, emotional intelligence and therapy “when we face a situation like traveling, we are involved in an environment that generates different emotions, almost all of them positive, based on curiosity and discovery".

The book Days of travel It is a good example of everything that can be lived by traveling alone. Aniko, its author, tells in first person her experience across more than 30 countries on four continents backpack on her back.

Discover new faces

You are no longer two, you will no longer have a person next to you to comment on everything that happens around. Now you are alone. But on the trip you will meet new and different people what will make you develop social skills. Depending on the destination, you will have to practice new languages ​​and interact with people from other cultures. Do not be afraid to relate. On solo trips, great friendships can be made, even love can resurface. Are you imagining being the protagonist of Under the sun in Tuscany, and you know.

It allows you to know yourself

Even if you meet people along the way, the reality is that you are alone in your journey. It is the perfect time to start practicing this state and make the lap less hard. Take the opportunity to talk to yourself, reflect and think about how you want your new life to be.

If you need inspiration, we recommend the book Eat Pray Love. Its protagonist undertakes a long journey after his divorce from Italy, India and Indonesia, in search of his inner peace. Best of all, it is an autobiography so everything you can read between its pages is likely to happen in real life.

It gives you time to take care of yourself

Take the opportunity to meditate or to give yourself those pamperies you had forgotten: a spa session between mountains, an entire afternoon reading without background noise, meditation classes in a desert landscape, yoga overlooking the sea, an Ayurvedic hand and foot massage or a marathon of purchases without conscience charges (if your suitcase allows the return)… You, and only you, are the objective of this trip. Your personal reconstruction and your knowledge. Pampering you will make you aware of the importance of this moment.

It offers you a customized experience

You will enjoy a trip to your liking, at your schedule (sleep until the body asks you to), to improvisation without the need for consensus (you will no longer have to wait for approval to visit that museum of modern art). You can choose a restaurant, types of plans, excursions and everything you want, including the budget. Let yourself go, enjoy, dare to try new things, say yes to the riskiest adventures, speak by the elbows with everyone who crosses your path and also take the opportunity to rest.

On your solo trip every day is unique, different and fun. Do we pack?

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