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Choosy, the brand even faster than Zara in bringing the influencers fashion thanks to an algorithm

Punctual as a clock, twice a week the Choosy website brings you the latest trends that succeed on Instagram. Collections are available for a very limited time, since each new collection has small editions designed to run on zero inventory. Everything that sells this Chinese website is pure trend according to the algorithms that track social media comments, catwalk and blog looks, and celebrity outfits more likeados.

Choosy works like Zara (making the latest fashion accessible) but even faster, thanks to the computer algorithms created by an MIT graduate engineer, Jessie Zeng, thanks to the cheap labor of China (his family owns several textile factories in China) and also thanks to the fact that the start up has managed to raise 5.4 million dollars of capital to launch its website in July this year. The pace of fashion is unstoppable, social networks will immediately "they burn"garments and customers are always on the hunt for something new, so Choosy works without inventory and in just two weeks it transforms the look seen on the web to a garment for sale.

Tracking your website we see looks very similar to the celebrities that more followers they have: His inspiration is Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Emily Ratajkowski. We like to have a curvy section It adapts trends such as corsets or dresses with airborne shoulders to large sizes.

Your CEO, Jessie Zeng, he confesses to spend hours on Instagram watching the styles of the most followed celebrities, and his inspiration for fashion comes directly from the trending posts of the social network. People ask "What brand is that dress? Where can I buy it?", and and those comments are what lead him to copy the trends and the looks.

He price It is far superior to other Chinese websites copying fast fashion, here the dresses are around 60-90 dollars and the pants 60-80 dollars. What remains in doubt is whether manufacturing so fast, copying over the look instead of good patterns, the quality of the fabrics and the making of the garments is up to the price.

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