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The clothes for tall women that fit them best (following the latest trends)

It seems that tall Women they can afford any tendency, but it is true that some feel better than others. Many of the latest fashions seen on the catwalk and in the streetstyle They are specially designed for tall and thin women to wear them. We can take them all, but the way to combine and wear them They make tall women look and make the most of it.

Clothes for tall women: oversize outerwear

Volume triumphs in warm clothes: either cocoon coats, ponchos, capes, feathers, fur jackets, or jackets oversize, a tall girl can defend these winter pieces with a lot of class, style and elegance (without disappearing under them).


They can boast endless legs, so with the waders they get an effect wow impossible to reach for the rest of women of medium size.

Tall women, queens of flat shoes

We all like the comfort of sports shoes, and we don't resist wearing the latest chunky sneakers that are fashionable, but obviously, they feel much better at high. They can wear them even with long dresses or short mini skirts and the result is still spectacular.

But flat shoes can be even more versatile if you are tall. Show off evening dresses with military boots or a male suit with flat shoe laces are ways to show off a stylized silhouette.

And if you want to show off the elegance of heeled shoe without gaining too much height, bet on kitten heels.

Clothes for tall women: wide pants

Set yourself a different look with wide pants, mom jeans, palazzo pants and all variants of wide pants. Even those who reach ankle height are fit for a tall woman. Take advantage of what you can.

The femininity of midi skirts

The mid-leg skirts, pleated skirts, and flight skirts are perfect for tall girls. You can wear them with low heels, with boots, and with a jacket or blazer on top. All combinations are suitable.

The risk of contrasting booties

There are trends that turn on all our alarm lights because we know they are not suitable for all. Like the booties in a strong color that break the leg line: the white, red, or silver ankle boots that come out of the classic are great but they can make you look shorter, especially if you enhance the effect by wearing the pants inside. And what do tall women think of this trend? No problem.